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Product description
We are professionally supply prime electrical tinplate and Tin Free Steel in china!
Specifications: 1 Prime printed Tinplate
2 Standard: GB/t 2520-2008 , JIS G3303-2008 ,  ASTM A623M-06a, DIN EN10202-2001
3 Steel type: SPCC,MR
4 Thickness & tolerance: 0.18 to 0.45mm (+/-0.01mm)
5 Width & tolerance: 600 to 960 mm (0~3mm) customized
6 Cut length & tolerance:600~1150mm (0-3mm) customized
7 Tin Free Steel (TFSECCSSurface Chrome : 100--120mg/m2
Tinplate oating: 1.1~11.2g/m2; customized
8 Temper : T1~T4BA and T3~T5CA
9 Surface treatment: Bright, Stone, Silver, Matte.
10 Coil diameter: ID 420/ 508mm;OD from 1,000 to 1,250mm
11 Package: Anti-rust paper,corner protected. 
12 Passivation: 311
13 Oiling: DOS
14 Lacquer: Gold / Silver / White / Al-pigment
15 Printing: As customer's drawing with different color and logo
16 Usage: metal packaging and industrial
17 For example: paint, chemical can,fancy can,aerosol can and different food can production, battery,electric cable, general line,crown cork,  automobile and other industries.
Packaging Details:   Standarded sea-worthy package with stable skid  
  Skid sheet package weight: 1.2-1.8Mt/Pallet  
  Skid coil package weight: 3-10Mt/Coil
Delivery Detail:   45~60 days after we get your deposit


Standard for temper
Chinese Standard Japanese Standard American Standard  European Standard
GB/T 2520-2008 JIS G3303-2008 ASTM A623M-06a DIN EN10202-2001
T-1  T-1 T-1 (T49) TS230
T-2 T-2 T-2 (T53) TS245
T-2.5 T-2.5   TS260
T-3 T-3 T-3 (T57) TS275
T-3.5 TS290
T-4 T-4 T-4 (T61) TH415
T-5 T-5 T-1 (T65) TH435
DR-7M DR-7.5 TH520
DR-8 DR-8 DR-8 TH550
DR-8M DR-8.5 TH580
DR-9 DR-9 DR-9 TH620
Tin coating weight
Type Designation of tin       coating weight Min.average tin coating weight(g/m2) Former Coating Designation
Equal tin coating 1.4/1.4 1.2/1.2 #15
2.2/2.2 2.0/2.0 #20
2.8/2.8 2.45/2.45 #25
5.6/5.6 5.05/5.05 #50
8.4/8.4 7.55/7.55 #75
11.2/11.2 10.1/10.1 #100
Differentially Coating 1.4/2.8 1.2/2.45 #15/25
2.2/2.8 2.2/2.45 #20/25
2.8/5.6 2.45/5.05 #25/50
2.8/8.4 2.45/7.55 #25/75
2.8/11.2 2.45/10.1 #25/100
5.6/8.4 5.05/7.55 #50/75
5.6/11.2 5.05/10.1 #50/100
8.4/11.2 7.55/10.1 #75/100
Surface finish
Surface finish Nominal surface roughness (μm Ra) Description
Bright finish Q0.35 Glazed surface obtained after melting treatment of electrotinned smooth raw materail strip with extremely fine rubstone fingure by processing.
Stone finish 0.25~0.60 Glazed surface obtained after melting treatment of electrotinned smooth raw materail stripfeaturing certain rubstone figures.
Silver finish 0.50~1.00 Glazed surface obtained after melting treatment of electrotinned smooth raw material strip with rough matt furface.
Matte finish 0.80~2.50 Matt surface of general matt raw material strip without melting treatment.


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